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Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Skate Senior

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Skate Senior

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The Supreme 3S Pro Skate is offered in Bauer's new Performance Fit System and it’s designed for the skilled player who wants added comfort. It features a 3D Curv Composite Boot that’s lightweight, fully thermoformable and gives you more flex. Combined with the power boot cut, asymmetrical toe cap and additional stiffness in the lower portion of the boot, this skate adds stability and delivers more straight-line speed.

The power boot cut has a new shape throughout the eyelets for optimal foot stability and will increase your knee bend to help maximize stride length. A Reflex Classic Pro Tongue with molded inserts gives you a customized fit for a greater forward flex and more comfort. The skate features a premium LS Pulse blade with a high mirror finish for better durability and longer edge life. This blade also has increased height AND Bauer's new Power Profile*, which helps the player maintain speed and have a more aggressive stride. With a Flex Rating of 80, it is the second stiffest boot in the line for optimal support and stability for the player.

Bauer’s Power Profile
Bauer’s Power Profile is a 4 Zoned Radii, known as a Quad profile. The blade shape is designed with 4 zones uniquely placed and designed for specific performance improvements during all types of edge work.
  • The first zone, located near the toe of the runner, is shaped to maximize acceleration. As the player begins their stride, the weight shifts over the top of the toes for the initial drive into the ice, utilizing a 6 foot radius.
  • The second zone, known as the transition zone, sits on a 9 foot radius, which helps transition the players stride from rapid acceleration to measured, longer striding. The center of gravity shifts slightly back from the Acceleration stride.
  • The third zone, is the speed zone. Leveraging an 11 foot radius, the player is now maximizing their blade to ice contact for an efficient power transfer and straight line speed.
  • The final zone, towards the heel of the blade, is the stability zone. This area holds a 13 foot radius, the longest in the blade, to provide balance as players shift between their edges when pivoting and absorbing contact.
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