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Bauer Supreme ONE.9 Limited Edition

Bauer Supreme ONE.9 Limited Edition

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The Bauer Supreme One.9 Ice Skates just got a whole new look.  Now available in all white, the Supreme One.9 Skates pack some of the most advanced features available in the Supreme line; the One.9’s are poised to elevate your play.

Constructed with a patented 3D-anaformable Curv® composite upper quarter package, the entire upper will fully mold to your ankle, allowing a true, custom, 360° fit once heat molded and broken in. This revolutionary design reduces the negative space between your foot and the boot, and in turn, places you in a better skating position while maximizing the power of each stride.

Inside the boot you’ll again find heat-moldable ankle pads that mimic the shape of the exterior that further the 360° concept. You’ll also notice a comfortable hydrophobic Clarino® synthetic-leather liner, Form-Fit + stabilizer grip Curv® Composite inserts, and an anatomical 52-ounce, two-piece felt with improved high-density metatarsal guard to help prevent lace bite and protection from puck impact.

The Supreme One.9 features a full composite outsole that transfers foot movements directly to the ice. Tuuk LS2 Holders and 2.1 Power Runners connect on each stride and give you one of the most popular holder-runner combinations going. Unique to the 2.1 runner is a slightly longer flat space, which is designed to increase speed and energy in the push off phase. This longer design also increases blade-to-ice contact time which lengthens the power per stride.

The Bauer Supreme One.9 traces its roots to the Supreme One100 which makes it one of the top skates of the Supreme line. Fully loaded with Bauer’s most advanced technology, the Supreme One.9 is designed for advanced levels of performance. With lightweight construction, superior durability and comfort technology, the Supreme One.9 will provide nothing less than Supreme Bauer Performance.
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